Seevali Central College



Hidellana  Rathnapura Sri lanka



School Motto

The Greatest Educational Institute in Ratnapura, which offers intelligent and courageous personalities to the society is Seevali Central College.

School Vision

Our sole determination is to make our school, an excellent college in the island, in 2010.

School Missions

We believe in that every child can be an excellent personality by education.

As Seevali sons and daughters, we try our best to succeed the future by learning actively.





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Message of the principal     

I take this oppurtunity to xpress my idea about our tasks & goals. We have to provide oppurtunities for our future genaration to equip them with required knowledge & skills to enable them to enter the world of work in an effective manner.  To achieve this & for expendiniency to reach the goal the follwing objectives are envsaged,     

  1. Innovativeness for learning/teachimg process.
  2. Clean & reposeful learning environmemt.
  3. Building a student community with strength of character comminment.
  4. Application of empathy & creativity in the learning process

May all of us try to achieve this subjectives. Then we will be able to build a college with Productivity.














Vice Principals:

Mr.Sarath gunarathna

Mr: N.D Wathukarawaththa

Mr: T.A.D.R.P D' Alvis

Miss: M.H.M Premalatha

Human Resources
Acadamic Staff - 140
Nonacadamic Staff - 35

Physical Resources
Libraries - 01
Office Rooms - 02
Conference Halls - 01
Auditoriums - 01
Computer Labs - 01
Media Centers - 01
Radio Broadcasting Studios - 01
Laboratories - 06
Indoor Stadiums - 01
Playgrounds - 01
Hostels - 02
Canteens - 02
Agricultural & technical
Training Centers - 03
Other Resources

No Of Classrooms
Grades 1-5 - 07 Classrooms
Grades 6-11 - 30 Classrooms
Arts Section - 06 Classrooms
Economics Section - 04 Classrooms
Sience Section - 12 Classrooms

Total No Of Students (Approximately) : 2360

IMPORTANT: These are the calculations at the end of the year 2007.
Therefore this may change when time pass by.